Film Production

3D Interactive design

Whether you need an image or animation for a product, or 3D interactive content for a website, we has the capabilities to bring your vision to stunning realism. Working hand in hand with advertising companies and post-production houses, 4K4 Media is able to produce the assets they need to put the finishing touch on world-class projects.

Looking for the ideal partner to generate 3D interactive models and finalize your project? View our 3D Interactive Portfolio or Contact us for more information or for a no-obligation cost estimate.

3D animation
that brings your project to life

3D animation is a way of exploring and realizing a creative idea into a visual and immersive experience. With the ability to generate emotions and a sense of discovery, the moving picture enables the artist to express themselves in ways that an image alone cannot do. Encompassing the viewer in a specific space, environment, or location, the artist can move the viewer where needed in order to convey the right message.

Our unique 3D animation is what truly sets 4K4 Media apart from the competition. The projects created by 4K4 Media incorporate stunning movement, sound and visuals that bring projects to life. Our designs break free from the sterile 3D animations that are typical of architectural projects. Specializing in a range of styles, 4K4 Media is able to adapt and properly create any style of film that best fits the project and the desires of the client.

Although our 3D graphics and animation display advanced level of complexity and artistry, we also specialize in delivering our projects on budget and on time. View our 3D Animation Portfolio or Contact us for more information or for a no-obligation cost estimate.

3D Modeling & Animation
are only the beginning
We offer a full array of digital services for clients and companies with a need to market products of any scale or from any industry.
Architectural Visualization
If it can be imagined, we can visualize it

4K4 Media has continually strived to define its product visualization work through precision modeling, photorealistic lighting and texturing, and cinematic animation. The range of our product visualization abilities is diverse. Though we constantly evolve and improve, if there is one thing that remains constant, it is that quality product visualizations are created with the highest attention to detail.

  • We recognize your need to market your product more effectively and efficiently. Our Product Visualization Division can help you to achieve this with the following services:
  • High-detailed product modeling & illustration
  • Digital environments for product placement
  • Animation demonstrating functionality and/or assembly
  • Prototype design analysis
  • Color scheme and material study

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3D Video Production
Integrating style into your digital environment

Originally invented for big-budget Hollywood productions, the green screen studio has more recently allowed 3D video production artists to take subjects to places where they have never been, or yet imagined. 4K4 Media renderings and cinematic animations use this technique in order to create a sense of scale and to promote the desired look and feel of a project.

Rather than relying on overused stock libraries or incorporating people who look out of place, our 3D video productions use handpicked models with a look and attire that is most suitable for the project at hand. Each subject is carefully screened, selected, and choreographed to fit within a given rendering or animated sequence. 4K4 Media green screen studio can generate lighting conditions that are perfectly matched to help integrate the real people seamlessly into the digital environment. Once the models are filmed against the green screen studio backdrop, Spine 3D is then able to remove the background and composite each person into specific rendered images or animation sequences. This makes our 3D video production more convincing and marketable for our clients and a cut above our competitors.

If you’d like to learn more about our 3D video production, contact us for more information or a no-obligation cost-estimate.